Celebrating Life

Let’s face it we plan and celebrate all big milestones in our life such as birthdays, christenings and weddings. We believe your funeral should be no different. In fact it is even more important to get the details right because funnily enough “you won’t be there…..”

My Fantastic Funeral gives you the tools to plan your final celebration and ensures the information is passed onto recipients of your choice including family and friends and loved ones. It gives you the chance to say farewell with your own unique personality and touch. It is how you would like your life to be celebrated.

My Fantastic Funeral has two big advantages:

1. You get to have the send off exactly the way you want it
2. Your family and loved ones don’t have the added stress of guessing what songs to play or pictures to include and other detail such as dress code, location of wake etc

And above all we are all about making this final party one to remember. Gone are the days where funerals have to be morbid affairs. My Fantastic Funeral is a sure good way to celebrate your last big party!

Funerals should be personal, memorable and above all fun. It is a celebration of your life here on earth. We have created My Fantastic Funeral to make your job easy and assist you in making sure you go out with a bang!

Make your Funeral Fantastic…

In 3 simple steps:

  • Add music
  • Add photo’s
  • Add other details

Then share this information with family and friends to ensure your wishes come true.